Chemawawin Cree Nation entered into its own Land Code which became effective on September 6, 2010 once the Minister signed the Individual Agreement in accordance with the requirements under the Framework Agreement and the First Nations Land Management Act.

CCN having its own Land Code gives us the privilege of maintaining our own lands and resources. It also gives us the ability and power to develop and establish laws, outlining rules and procedures, to govern our lands and resources.

A Matrimonial Real Property (MRP) Law was also developed to deal with the distribution of real property in the case of the break down of marriage, providing that both partners have/had real property.

The MRP law is currently in draft form requires the approval of members. Public meeting is planned for June 25, 2013 to discuss this law.

If any member requires a copy of the Land Code or any future lands laws please contact Loraine Young or Trevor Lavallee in LTS office at (204) 329-2161.

Current List of Laws:

  1. CCN Land Code
  2. CCN Matrimonial Real Property Law
  3. CCN Burn Permit Land Law
  4. CCN Litter Land Law