Status Card renewals, name amendments or registrations, as well Birth, marriage, divorce, death certificates are provided by our membership office.
New Status cards are available on the AANDC website

Cross border cards must be applied for at the Regional Office in Winnipeg (365 Hargrave Street)

The AANDC website lists all the requirements and guidelines pertaining to completing the application.

Are you turning 18 years old……. then this applies to you.

New registration numbers will only be provided when:

  1. Any child in care situations, where child was removed from parent(s) care but not legally adopted.
  2. Any issue related to the child being raised by abusive parent(s).
  3. Parent(s) was (were) absent in child’s life or child has no contact with parent(s).
  4. Child was raised by, but not legally adopted by step parent.

The effective date on this new directive from AANDC (Ottawa) is March 4, 2013. However they are still processing requests sent as of May 31, 2013

IF YOU HAVE MOVED RECENTLY….please contact our office and provide your new address, email and phone number. This will ensure that you are informed of events occurring within our Community.

Membership services are available Tuesdays 9am to 5pm

Please phone Loraine Young at 204-329-2161 for an appointment